Two more OBV alumni head for Parliament


Exactly thirty years ago today politics received a seismic shift.  Four Black MP's were elected to Parliament - the first in almost 100 years. Ten years later OBV was born.  After last week’s election there are now 52 BME MPs in Parliament - a quantum leap from what occurred thirty years ago.

A number of these MP's graduated through the OBV MP shadowing scheme.  This year we launch a new scheme with high hopes of nurturing a new generation of BME leaders and MPs.

You still have until midnight tonight to apply for the OBV’s MP Shadowing scheme.

This past election has witnessed another  two OBV alumni make history by  getting elected and heading for  the green benches of Parliament. Tan Dhesi of Slough will become the first ever turban dressed Sikh to be in the Westminster palace representing Her Majesty’s Government.  And Marsha De Cordova will now be part of the 2017 cohort of new BME MP’s  who will   take the overall number to BME MP’s to a historical 52.

But we still need more BME MP’s from all over the country representing all the main stream political parties. This is your chance to get that vital political experience.

Seize the opportunity, apply and follow in the footsteps of  OBV alumni including, Mayor Marvin Rees, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Clive Lewis MP, Helen Grant MP,  and now Marsha De Cordova  MP and Tan Dhesi MP.

Apply here!

Simon Woolley