Reena Ranger inspires EU womens group


When Cllr Reena Ranger was invited to speak to young minority International leaders, in Brussels at the Transatlantic International Leaders Network - TILN-, (now in its sixth year), she spoke with her usual passion, energy, insight and knowledge. Speaking from her own experience Ranger talked about the lack of women of colour in all  positions of power. Furthermore, she said: 'Our role as women is not to sit around and lament but to do something about it.'

 Reena Ranger









Inset pic: Reena Ranger

She informed the group  that setting up her own ‘women of colour’ network would "give space to have those crucial conversations about power, inequality and but also a critical  caucus to support each other."

Little did she know that less than a year down the line one of those attentive young leaders - Tracy Tansia - was so inspired she went back to her own district in Belgium and set up her own ‘Women of Colour’ network.

Last week they had their first meeting, which had a high profile guest speaker, Rachida El Garani along with 30 other women.

Tracy said, on the TILN Whataspp group:

“ I was inspired by Reena’s womans group when I met her, so I decided to start my own with those amazing women in the picture. Yesterday we invited Rachida El Garani (in the picture in the pink) to speak to us about education. Rachida studied film at 35. Her father didn’t want her to pursue higher education, because he believed that she had to get married and be a housewife.

Her passion for film and documentary was so strong she got a degree and then went on to win many awards for her work . Now she works for Flemish National TV, and campaigns for greater diversity in the media.

The day was an amazing exchange with 30 women from many different backgrounds from all over Belgium. We inspired each other particularly the younger women in the group."

I’m sure they did.

I feel honoured to be part of TILN, which begins again next month for the next cohort of young leaders, who, as we’ve seen from Reena and Tracy, they literally go on to change our world.

More power to you sisters!

Simon Woolley