Black school boy stopped, searched and humiliated


It seems that the heavy hand of the law is not just focused on elderly Black men such as Judah Adunbi. A few weeks ago a member of the public filmed t five police officers stop and search a school kid for a cycling infraction.

In the video the officer is seen explaining to the boy that the reason he’s been questioned was because of where he was cycling. But  from that minor infringement he’s searched. Why?

First, I doubt you would ever see five padded up officers stopping a white cyclist who’d made a minor cycling infringement, much less  then proceed to search them. Every day cyclists jump lights, mount pavements, and a few are even abusive, but are  stopped and searched?

In regards to tackling serious crimes on London streets, in particularly in relation to gangs and knife crime, the Black community above all want the police to catch criminals. But catch them using their knowledge, surveillance and available evidence. Not this dragnet approach which in effect deems every black school boy is a potential criminal. Moreover, this racial profiling is illegal.

What occurred to that young man will potentially scar him for a long time. ‘This is what happens to people like me‘, he may think. And it clearly doesn’t engender any respect for the authority of the law.

If the Prime Minister Theresa May wanted any more evidence that the present ‘Stop and Search’ procedures are not working she should take a look at the two video nasties taken over the last few days, and highlighted by OBV and others.

Simon Woolley