Two Muslim schools best in the country


As we continue this slow and probable painful exit of the European Union, the Equality and Human Rights Commission have warned today that there is a likelyhood of another spike of xenophobia as the Brexit discussions go on.

One of those ethnic and religious groups who’ll be at the brunt of any rise in anti-foriegner setiment will be the Muslim community. The daily diet of bashing Muslims seems to occur with regular peaks and troughs.

Therefore, any good news about Muslim communities and individual endeavours either gets buried or spun into a fake warning news to scare the majority.

So when leafing through your daily paper, or news online the story about the two Muslim schools producing the best GCSE results in the county will not easily be found. Tauheedul Education Trust in Blackburn that runs both faith based and non-faith primary and secondary had its schools come first and second nationally.

Actually the story is even better than that. Two other schools, The Harris Academy in Battersea and the Academy in Hackney take two other places in the top six.

These four schools, predominantly African and Asian heritage in very working class areas are all outperforming grammer schools and those schools which have a more than average intake of children from privileged families.

Tauheedul Education Trust, although proud of its heritage strives hard to include all communities within the area:

We are a values-based organisation that works to improve the life chances of young people in areas of social and economic deprivation to help them succeed at the highest levels of education, employment and the professions.”

Well, to all those schools not just those in the top six working in challenging areas to succeed as you’ve done, is not a miracle but rather down to hard work, endeavour and a philosophy that truly believes in all children.

Simon Woolley