Stuart Hall: One of Britain’s greatest thinkers dies



One of Britain’s most distinguished cultural thinkers has died. Stuart Hall, often known as the Godfather of multiculturalism, and a giant of cultural theory and sociology passed away after a long illness at the age of 82.

Hall was former Director of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham (where he was between 1964-1979), Professor of Sociology at the Open University (1979 - 1997, Professor Emeritus since 1997), President of the British Sociological Association (1995-7). He was author, of course, of many influential works.

Just last year there was documentary about his life called ‘The Stuart Hall Project’ by John Akomfrah, Writing in the Observer, the journalist Tim Adams wrote of the film:

"You come to see how pivotal his [Hall's] voice has been in shaping the progressive debates of our times – around race, gender and sexuality – and how an increasingly conservative culture has worked lately to marginalise his nuanced understanding of this country."

There are many people  who personally knew Stuart  much more than I did, but I can safely say  my life is richer for having met him and I hope wiser for reading his work and absorbing his ideas.

Through those who met you and read your work Stuart, your  work and passion for justice  lives on.

Rest in peace.

Simon Woolley