RAF man urges people to kill Black people


A senior RAF service man, Micheal Sanders took to Facebook and urged white people to join the military so you can ‘kill - Black people - who he referred to as ‘Black c...ts’ - without going to prison.

Perhaps equally shocking was the thousands of 'likes' his post got at the murderous rallying call.

Fortunately, a Black colleague saw the post, reported him and refused to work with such a person, rightly arguing that he couldn’t trust him.

Major Neil Keery, prosecuting, said:

"He posted a comment of 'like I say to my brother f--- all the black c---s, I mean all of them. Join the military and you get to kill them without going to prison, it's f---ing fantastic'."

Assistant judge advocate Judge Robert Hill said the comment was "not a million miles away" from trolling and sentenced the serviceman to 28 days' detention, which was reduced to 24 due to his early guilty plea.

One would hope that after his detention from the military court he is thrown out, and then faces criminal prosecution for clearly inciting extreme racial violence.

This case also raises a number of very serious questions for all the armed forces:  The combined forces need to know how many more people within their ranks share similar views, and what systems do they have to weed such dangerous minds out?

And, of the 3,000 'likes' on the Facebook page, were any of them from the military too? The Facebook message came to light because Sanders also sent it to other military personel on a closed Whatsapp page. Who were they, and what was their response?

Trust is one of the most critical elements in the armed forces and no Black person can trust such racial hatred.

Simon Woolley