Nivea removes “White is Purity “ Ad



Nivea, a German skincare company, removed an advertisement on its Facebook page after it received backlash for its racist undertones.

The ad features a woman, dressed in all white clothing, with the line “White Is Purity” written across the photo. Nivea then captioned the online post, “Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don’t let anything ruin it, #invisible”

The advertisement was meant to promote Nivea’s invisible deodorant and specifically targeted consumers in the Middle East. Nivea’s Facebook page has 19 million followers worldwide.

People soon expressed outrage for the obvious way Nivea glorified whiteness. Especially disturbing is the fact that this ad was purposely targeting the Middle East—as region that has significant issues with colorism.

 Women in the Middle East and other parts of the world often engage in beauty rituals like skin bleaching to appear more European and less darker-toned. Nivea capitalizing off this internalized racism was seen as especially egregious.

Not surprisingly, the ad automatically garnered support from white supremacist groups online:

"#Nivea: the official moisturizer/anti-perspirant of the #AltRight."

“Nivea has chosen our side and the most liked comments are glorious”

Nivea said in a statement:

"There have been concerns risen about ethnic discrimination due to a post about NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White on our NIVEA Middle East Facebook page.

"We are deeply sorry to anyone who may take offense to this specific post. After realizing that the post is misleading, it was immediately withdrawn.

"Diversity and equal opportunity are crucial values of NIVEA: The brand represents diversity, tolerance, and equal opportunity.

"We value difference. Direct or indirect discrimination must be ruled out in all decisions by, and in all areas of our activities."

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