Leaders of hate poised to wreak EU havoc


Almost under the political radar, European leaders of far Right political parties met in Germany to show solidarity to each other, whilst plotting electoral success that would virtually kill the European Union and throw Europe into a state of uncertainty, the likes of which our generation has never seen.

France’s far-Right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Netherland's PVV leader Geert Wilders, and Marcus Pretzell of Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) organised this unprecedented meeting under the banner of ‘Freedom for Europe’.

To some the date and the rhetoric of the meeting was no coincidence: The 75th anniversary of the 1942 Wannsee Conference, in which the Nazis formed the plan that led to the Holocaust.

Speaking at the meeting France’s Marine Le Penn chillingly stated: “Brexit would unleash an unstoppable wave of “all the dominoes of Europe”. And after Brexit, she added, before an audience of several hundred, the election of Donald Trump was a “second coup”.

“His position on Europe is clear. He does not support a system of the oppression of peoples,” she said, to enthusiastic applause. “2016 was the year the Anglo-Saxon world woke up. I am certain 2017 will be the year when the people of continental Europe wake up.”

Both France and Holland go to the national polls in the next few months, and in both countries the far-Right leaders are ahead in the polls.

Within six months there is the real possibility that Le Pen and Wilders would be on the world stage as national leaders along with President Trump, and  their white Eurocentric supremist agenda that would, in effect, tear down the European Union, wreak havoc against Europe’s Muslim and other Black populations, and lead to the greatest uncertainty since the Second World War.

Simon Woolley