Dr Nicola Rollock: Routledge author of the month


Author Nicola Rollock, lecturer at Birmingham University has been named 'author of the month' by the renowned publisher Routledge. Rollock was the driving force behind the multi-awarded winning book, ‘The Colour of class', collaboratively written with David Gillborn, Carol Vincent and Stephen Ball.

The book critically explores the relationship between race, racism and class. For example; as the Black middle- class grows what new challenges do parents face, particularly around education, does racism dissipate once you’re you have the socio-economic cushion? How do Black people feel about themselves and their connections – family or otherwise - once their status has changed?

Speaking about the book Rollock stated:

“I would like to see a greater acknowledgment of this intersectional difference within social policy and academia. Quite often discussion on the middle classes is really referring to the white middle classes who, by virtue of their racialized position, are at a relative advantage compared to their Black middle class counterparts.”

Nicola Rollock has spent much of her career using her academic acumen to challenge and confront the many nuances of racism. It’s great news that she has been honoured with this accolade, and that her work at the Centre for Research in Race & Education, at Birmingham University continues.

Congratulations Nicola!

Simon Woolley