The Conservatives and Brexit


Brexit is now going to be at the forefront of all decisions and we need a pragmatic, strong leader who has a proven track record.

There was strong feeling on both sides of the Brexit argument; we now must approach Brexit with a collegiate manner and will have the freedom to set our own policies and vision with the UK at the heart of an outward looking global network. We need to get the best possible deal and I am confident that with Theresa May at the helm we do just that and we will make a success of this new chapter.

The deal we negotiate will have a number of implications. We need a strong and healthy economy from with everything flows and flourishes. We need to ensure we have the right conditions for jobs and businesses to thrive so that we have the resources to fund the public services as we all would like to see and provide opportunities for all. I believe that Theresa May is the best possible person for the task.

Reena Ranger