All white university senior staff UK


For the third year running UK universities, the engine room for Britain PLC, remains totally without any senior Black staff.

Figures published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency record no black academics in the elite staff category of “managers, directors and senior officials” in 2015-16 .

However, there is one category within the Universities where Black staff are in unusual high numbers ; as cleaners and porters.

The institutions know something is painfully wrong but almost every year offer the same tripe rhetoric , ‘we’ve got to do better’.

Nicola Dandridge, the chief executive of Universities UK, said:

We recognise that there is a serious issue with the lack of black representation among senior staff in universities. The evidence is clear that black and minority ethnic staff continue to be underrepresented at senior levels in higher education.”

Former higher education minister David Lammy said:

This is absolutely shocking. I am appalled that higher education is so deeply unrepresentative of the country.

Universities talk about widening participation and fair access but the complete lack of diversity in senior positions sends out an absolutely dreadful message to young people from ethnic minorities who find themselves wondering whether university is for them or not.”

The only cold comfort for our university elites is that they’re not alone. The army, the high courts, and the media are all in very similar places to our university; colour blind to see Black talent.

Simon Woolley