Publish death in police custody report


The inquest into Sarah Reed’s death begins on today . Tues 4th July- She was found dead in her cell in Holloway prison in London in January 2016 and her relatives will be expecting answers on the level of care she received and her wider treatment by public authorities. In 2012 Sarah was the victim of an assault by a police officer, an experience which aggravated her mental health issues.

Campaign to reinstate Dr Vivienne Lyfar-Cissé


Campaigners in Brighton are calling for the immediate reinstatement of race campaigner Vivienne Lyfar-Cisse.

Young OBV talent take their place


As activists I and my OBV colleagues were filled with great pride watching the first Prime Minister’s Question time of this new Parliament.  For there sat proudly on Her Majesty’s green benches representing the people of Slough and Battersea two OBV alumni, now MP’s: Tan Dhesi and Marsh De Cordova.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick - Unacceptable Grenfell Judge


If the Government are trying to build confidence with families of those who perished in Grenfell Tower,  survivors and communities,   could they  have done a worse job by appointing Sir Martin Moore-Bick?

Two elements that mark out the Grenfell disaster: one often spoke about -class, and the other completely ignored - race.

Finsbury Park Imam saves terror suspect


In an act of supreme bravery and courage the Finsbury Park Mosque Imam Mr Mahmoud probably saved the life of the suspected terrorist who mowed down Muslim worshippers who were leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque last night. Reports tell of one person who is dead , and others very seriously injured when a van, driven at speed targeted Muslims coming from the Mosque.

It’s official 2017 Election: The Black vote won it!


Whilst there is no doubt that there has been an increase in the youth vote and a greater sense of, 'we demand to be listened to',  political analytical experts have now concluded that the surprise element to  these elections was not necessarily the youth vote, but rather the vote of the Black and minority ethnic electorate- The Black Vote.

Analysing the data Bristol University academic Paula Surridge found that diversity, not young people, was more important in driving higher turnout in constituencies.

James Arthur Harley: A Scholar and a Statesman


A story of Empire, Education and Elitism

Residing in one of Washington's most exclusive neighbourhoods, holding pink tea parties, advocating for civil rights in 1900's - is not the usual narrative of Black people at the turn of the twentieth century. Yet, this describes the fascinating life of James Arthur Harley, a name who most will not recognise, but thanks to the work of OBV alumni, Dr Pamela Roberts, James Arthur Harley will now be a name which is celebrated and a source of inspiration for all.

Two more OBV alumni head for Parliament


Exactly thirty years ago today politics received a seismic shift.  Four Black MP's were elected to Parliament - the first in almost 100 years. Ten years later OBV was born.  After last week’s election there are now 52 BME MPs in Parliament - a quantum leap from what occurred thirty years ago.

A number of these MP's graduated through the OBV MP shadowing scheme.  This year we launch a new scheme with high hopes of nurturing a new generation of BME leaders and MPs.

Britain has changed and you changed it.


This morning we wake up in a new country. A country that feels somehow different as a result of a new and profound shift in the political tectonic plates of the UK terra firma.

No doubt, by lunchtime today, I expect Prime Minister Theresa May to have resigned. She has failed to secure her mandate for a "hard Brexit" and as a result the vengeful Tory leadership is sharpening its knives ready for a very long night.

Failing that she will try and form a weak coalition with the racist and extreme right wing DUP .

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