Muslim Women Show Support for Victims of Westminster Attack



In the wake of the London attacks, there have been many attempts to cause divisions and once again scapegoat the entire Muslim community. Though anger and sadness is understandable and warranted, division was one thing these Muslim women refused to tolerate.

Mayor Statement - Westminster Terrorist Attacks


Mayor Sadiq Khan gives statement in wake of  Westminster terrorist attack that injured 20 and left four dead

Today London suffered a horrific attack near Parliament Square which we are treating as a terrorist attack.

A number of people have lost their lives and at least twenty people have been injured.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and to everyone who has been affected.

Terror strike at heart of UK democracy


Yesterday morning I arrived at Brussels airport where thousands, including the nations Prime Minister Charles Michel,  had gathered for the anniversary of the horrific terrorist attack at Brussels airport.

I was in Brussels exactly a year ago when that attack took place-we have an annual ‘Minority young leaders’ programme here. In fact some of the US delegates were caught up in the attack, but thankfully not affected.

Anti-Racism March Protests Far Right Populism


The Guardian Reports 30,000 people attend a’ March Against Racism’ in London over the past Saturday in a stand against racism all over the world.

Black People in Britain More Likely to be Unemployed and Homeless


An investigation by the Bristol Post reveals that Black People are more likely to be unemployed, homeless, and paid less than whites.

According to an investigation by the Bristol Post, non-white people across the region suffer significantly worse outcomes in terms of housing, unemployement and the way they are treated by the criminal justice system - despite generally doing just as well in school and gaining a similar number qualifications.

‘Diversity Works...’ 101 portraits


OBV is delighted to have been involved in an exciting online gallery which launched last Wednesday, 8th March.

‘Diversity Works…’ was thought up and created by the artist Shahid Bashir and curated by Dowshan Humzah with the aim of celebrating and embracing diversity in, primarily, the workplace.

The project showcases 101 influential people in business and thought leadership, some of whom work directly in the ‘diversity and inclusion’ field, whilst others are leaders who actively choose to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Home Office Staff Warned Not To Post Online About Trump


Staff and contractors working for the Home Office have been ordered to stop posting negative comments about Donald Trump on social media. They have been told to be ‘careful’ and were reminded that they must abide by the civil service’s commitment to impartiality.

The Register has obtained an email in which Home Office staff were told to ‘avoid commenting on politically controversial issues’ or ‘giving personal opinions.’

MPs Condemn Social Media Giants Over Online Hate Speech


MPs are condemning social media giants – Twitter, Facebook, and Google— over their incompetency in handling online hate speech. One Labour MP even accused the three giants of “commercial prostitution” at the Home Affairs committee.

Diane Abbott MP joins anti-racist campaigners


Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott MP has joined anti-racist campaigners to prepare for a protest in response to threats of increased racism after the triggering of Article 50.

Following the Brexit vote, there has been a scramble for government officials to lay out a course of action for the unprecedented separation from the supranational body.

Civilization threat: “With Somebody Else’s Babies”


US House Rep, Steven King, pictured here with the anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders, recently made disparaging comments suggesting that ethnic minorities were a threat to Western Civilization.

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