Black Groups Losing Faith in EHRC



A number of leading BME organisations and individuals including LORD Herman Ouesley and OBV having written an open letter to the Equality and Human Rights Commission raising deep concerns over recent redundancies and the state of BME representation at a senior. Here is that letter on full:

Riz Ahmed: We’re better being inclusive


Channel 4 invited OBv as it held the annual Diversity Lecture to discuss progress on its 360 Diversity Charter. The panel invited British-Muslim actor, Riz Ahmed, to speak on his take on the importance of representation in the entertainment industry. Ahmed warned that there were three things at stake if we fail to properly represent all people: our national identity, the loss of marginalized groups to extremism, and a missed opportunity on economic benefits from a “multi-cultural goldmine.”

Campaign Bootcamp needs you!


There's currently a great opportunity to learn the cut and thrust of social and political campaigning and organising from leaders and experts in their fields - people that have talked the talk, and walked the walk!

If you're fired up about creating positive change and want to learn how to run thoughtful and powerful campaigns, then Campaign Bootcamp is for you. Bootcamp starts with a week-long residential training, which is followed by a year of mentoring, further training and community support.

Moonlight’s Shocking Oscar Triumph



Dear friends of OBV this is Teshura Adams first article for OBV. She is a intern and a Boston University undergraduate studying international relationship and politics. She will be doing a wide range of work with us including writing, campaigning and research. This is very insightful article, which goes way beyond the hyperbole of Oscar night. Well done Teshura.

Simon Woolley

Locking Black talent out cost UK £24bn



A hard hitting no-nonsense independent report, led by Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith, concluded that the UK loses out on 24 billion pounds a year by ignoring and or locking out Black talent from the work place.

The review ‘Race In The Workplace’ stated that only 6% of people from BME backgrounds reached top-level management positions, while their employment rates were 12% lower than the average

It's Time To Stop Talking About Complexion


Skin lightening products are a multi-billion selling industry, with films exploring the issue and here Dotun Adebeyo discussing the complexities, politics and ramifications.

Written by Dotun Adebayo

Stoke By-Election: Democracy 1 - Hate/lies 0


The political train of xenophobia, gutter opportunism and blatant lies dramatically hit the buffers yesterday, when the people of Stoke rejected the politics of the far-Right.

Dr Nicola Rollock: Routledge author of the month


Author Nicola Rollock, lecturer at Birmingham University has been named 'author of the month' by the renowned publisher Routledge. Rollock was the driving force behind the multi-awarded winning book, ‘The Colour of class', collaboratively written with David Gillborn, Carol Vincent and Stephen Ball.

Reena Ranger inspires EU womens group


When Cllr Reena Ranger was invited to speak to young minority International leaders, in Brussels at the Transatlantic International Leaders Network - TILN-, (now in its sixth year), she spoke with her usual passion, energy, insight and knowledge. Speaking from her own experience Ranger talked about the lack of women of colour in all  positions of power. Furthermore, she said: 'Our role as women is not to sit around and lament but to do something about it.'

 Reena Ranger

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