Diane Abbott faces sexism, racism and threats of violence


Perhaps no MP in recent British history has had to face years of internal and external racial bigotry than Diane Abbott MP.

In one week alone a Government Minister David Davis subjected Ms Abbott to sexism, racism and a level of patronising that demeans our democracy.

Peter Scotter guilty of race assault on Muslim woman


Just a few weeks after the EU Referendum in July, Peter Scotter of Sunderdland launched an unprovoked attack on a Muslim woman, violently pulling off her niqab and hurling racial abuse at her.

The woman who was with her nine year old son was left terrified by the attack when Scotter threw her to ground whilst screaming: “Here, take that fucking off, you are in our country now, you stupid fucking Muslim.”

Scotter was then heard to say: “Our Britain, you live by our fucking rules,” before coming out with more racist abuse.

2017 Oscar Awards see Black Talent


After the Oscar nomination controversy of the last two years which was characterised as the ‘all white Oscars’ which was skilfully hosted last time round by the Black comedian Chris Rock, this year has seen a complete turnaround with a record breaking six Black actor nominations, and three Black films up for Oscar awards .

Bercow-Trump: “No racism and sexism in my House"


The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow MP delivered an unprecedented international broadside attack against the US President Donald Trump yesterday.

Speaking in the House of Commons he informed MPs that as a result of the ban on refugees and predominantly Muslim countries entering the US, he would not be inviting the President to Speak at Westminster Hall to address both Houses.

In an impassioned speech Bercow stated:

UK Mosques open their doors to public


More than 150 UK Mosques opened their doors to the  public so that the wider community could get a better understanding of the Islamic faith and build greater trust during these times of rising Islamaphobia.

Visiting the North London Finsbury Park Mosque, and putting some focus on the US President Donald Trump, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn warned, that some people are ‘demonising Muslims’, adding,

“Racism: A feature of work life in Britain”


A qualitative analysis of the 2015 ‘Race at work' survey undertaken by the Centre of Dynamics of Ethnicity at the University of Manchester revealed that Black and Minority Ethnic workers are frequently subjected to racism by colleagues, managers, customers, clients and service users.

The report argues that racism is experienced in a variety of ways ranging from ‘every day’ banter to violence and intimidation.

Trump’s ‘Muslim’ travel ban: “ignorant and prejudiced”


Leaders across the globe have condemned President Trump’s travel ban on several Muslim countries as ‘divisive’ ‘counterproductive’ and ‘ignorant’.

When hearing of the ban, Britain’s most famous track Olympiam Mo Farah, who was born in Somali, a country on the banned list, stated:

"The Queen made me a Knight, President Trump has made me an alien.”

Farah, who lives in part in the US with his family, went on to add:

Super star Williams sisters make history, again!


Just when these remarkable sisters have been written off by certain sections of the media, they have bounced back to defy their critics and give joy to  their admirers around the world.

Serena Williams and older sister Venus will roll back the years and face each in tomorrow’s Australian Open final. The last time they both met in a final was 14 years ago.

Black school boy stopped, searched and humiliated


It seems that the heavy hand of the law is not just focused on elderly Black men such as Judah Adunbi. A few weeks ago a member of the public filmed t five police officers stop and search a school kid for a cycling infraction.

In the video the officer is seen explaining to the boy that the reason he’s been questioned was because of where he was cycling. But  from that minor infringement he’s searched. Why?

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