Marvel’s declining sales blamed on diversity



David Gabriel, the vice president of sales at Marvel, has been criticised after blaming the decline of the studio’s comic book sales on the decision to include more diverse characters. Speaking at the Marvel retailer summit, Gabriel told ICv2 that talking with retailers has revealed that ‘people didn’t want any more diversity’ and that this has been reflected in sales figures.

Nivea removes “White is Purity “ Ad



Nivea, a German skincare company, removed an advertisement on its Facebook page after it received backlash for its racist undertones.

The ad features a woman, dressed in all white clothing, with the line “White Is Purity” written across the photo. Nivea then captioned the online post, “Keep it clean, keep it bright. Don’t let anything ruin it, #invisible”

St Petersburg Metro Explosion Kills Fourteen People and Injures 49



Monday’s St Petersburg metro was caused by a bomb that was possibly detonated by a man whose body parts were found on the train, Russia's investigative committee has said.

Fourteen people died and 49 were injured in the explosion between two underground stations.

"The man has been identified but his identity will not be disclosed for now in the interests of the investigation," a committee charged with investigating the incident  said in a statement.

Arrests Made In Assault On Iranian Refugee



Six more people have been charged in the hate crime attack against 17 year old Reker Ahmed, a Kurdish-Iranian asylum seeker in Croydon.

On Friday night, Reker Ahmed and two of his friends were waiting at a bus stop when they were approached by a gang of youths. The youths asked where Reker Ahmed was from and began attacking him when they found out he was a refugee—reports the Croydon Guardian.

Darcus Howe: Rebel with a cause


To get the essence of the activist and campaigner for racial and social justice you need look no further than the YouTube BBC News interview with Darcus and the reporter in the aftermath of the killing of Mark Duggan and Tottenham Riots that ensured.

The Football Black List celebrates diversity


The eight edition of the Football Black List was held lastTuesday evening (28th March), honouring esteemed African and Caribbean athletes for achievements in football.

The Football Black List, founded by Leon Mann and Rodney Kinds in 2008, hosted over 300 guests and presented awards in six different categories.

Striker for Chelsea Ladies, Eniola Aluko and retired paralympian, Alistar Patrick Heselton, were honoured with awards in the player category.

Government to review profiling of grime artist


The Met’s Promotion Event Risk Assessment Form 696 is a document required to be filled out by club promoters and licensees who are hosting musical events featuring “DJs and MCs.” They are to provide the name, stage names, address, and phone numbers of all parties involved in the musical performances.

Unity and solidarity on Westminster Bridge



It was a cold walk as the weather and the drizzle afternoon turned bitter cold.

Loved ones of the deceased from last Wednesday terror attack were obviously distraught. They grey sky only added to the solemnity of the tribute. But out of this dark tradegy this tribute brought many rays of light and hope

Landlord Bans ‘Coloured’ tenants



Fergus and Judith Wilson, who became Britain's biggest buy-to-let tycoons, have banned 'coloured' people because they make houses and carpets smell of curry.

Mr Wilson, long regarded as Britain's biggest buy-to-let investor with nearly 1,000 properties in Kent, faced a backlash after an email leaked to The Sun newspaper surfaced, setting out his ban to a letting agent.

Westminster Attack – ‘A Bridge for all Communities’



Today, 29th March, marks 7 days since the attack on Westminster Bridge, which killed 4 people, including PC Keith Palmer.

To commemorate the attack, this afternoon there will be an anniversary event held across the country, titled ‘A Bridge for all Communities.’ Participants are encouraged to carry a single flower, which can be laid down on a bridge as a symbol of unity and a sign that we will always remember the victims. The events will also include a one minute silence.

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