Brexit poll: People Less Tolerant



According to the Opinium Poll, over half of British Ethnic Minorities believe the UK has become less racially tolerant since Brexit. This revelation comes on the heels of a Trade Union Congress survey that found 34 percent of Black Minority and Ethnic people have either witnessed or been the victims of abuse and harassment because of their cultural backgrounds.

According to a concerning TUC report:

• 1 in 5 BAME people (19 per cent) have suffered or witnessed racial assault

Anuja Dhir: First Non-White Judge at Old Bailey



Anuja Dhir has become the first non-white circuit judge to sit at the Old Bailey.  Dhir, of Indian origin, is also the youngest person to fill the role, at the age of 49. 

Possible Foreign Interference in Brexit Vote



According to a report by the Commons public administration and constitutional affairs committee (PACAC) there may be some evidence that foreign governments may have been the target of a cyber attack that resulted in the shut-down of a voter registration website 100 minutes before the registration deadline on June 7.

MPs have not yet pointed the finger at any particular country, but notes that both China and Russia have histories of using cyber attacks for political gain and influence .

Asylum Seekers are Placed in the Poorest Parts of the UK



An analysis of Home Office data by the Guardian has shown that more than five times as many asylum seekers in the UK live in the poorest third of the country than in the richest third. The study has revealed that asylum seekers are disproportionately housed in poor, Labour-voting areas in the north of England and Wales, and Glasgow.

Edward Enninful, British Vogue’s First Black Editor



Edward Enninful is set to replace Alexandra Shulman as British Vogue’s new editor in August 2017. He is currently the Creative and Fashion Director at W Magazine.

 Not only is he British Vogue’s first male editor but he is also the magazine’s first black editor in the magazine’s 101 years of existence since its first issue in 1916.

Saffiyah Khan defies an angry EDL with a smile


Saffiyah Khan was pictured smiling down at Ian Crossland, the leader of the extreme far-right party, after members of the English Defence League reportedly threatened Saira Zafar, who was wearing a hijab.

The image, which has gone viral on social media, was captured by Press Association photographer Joe Giddens during a demonstration by the far-right group in Birmingham city centre on Saturday.

It shows an EDL protester Ian Crossland staring into the eyes of the young woman, who is looking back at him unfazed with a smirk.

John Humpreys’ ignorant of British Black Panthers



The Black Power Movement was not something distinct to the United States, black people across many nations were soldiers in the war against oppression and injustice. Even the 1970s UK saw a proud resistance movement by the British Black Planters that included all people of colour, not just black. But this all came as surprising news to Radio 4 Host, John Humphreys.

Support Mayor Marvin Rees Documentary


'The Mayor’s Race' tells the story of Marvin Rees’ courageous triumph in becoming not just Bristol's first Black directly elected mayor, but propably the first Black- African/Caribbean mayor in Europe.

But this triumph did not come without challenge as he has to fight against the racism and intolerance that has plagued him his whole life as a mixed-heritage black man growing up in England.

Lorain Blumenthal and Rob Mithcell are now looking for Crowdfunding to get this documentary made.

115th Congress is the Most Diverse Yet



The US congress is currently the most diverse that it has ever been, with one-in-five members being from a racial or ethnic minority. 19% of congress is now non-white, compared to just 1% when the 79th congress took office in 1945; evidently, progress has been made.

Pepsi Faces Backlash Over “Tone-deaf” Kendall Jenner Advert


Kendall Jenner and the sugary drinks corporation Pepsi are being accused of 'exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement' in a new advertisement.

In it, Jenner cheerfully leaves a photoshoot and finds herself amongst a diverse group of protesters rallying for love and peace.

She quickly makes her way to the front line, approaches a uniformed police officer and unreluctantly hands him a can of Pepsi.

The officer smiles, nods to his colleagues and the crowd cheers.

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