Why vote Lib Dem?


There’s one reason why you should vote Liberal Democrat this Thursday – your children. The impact of Brexit will be felt over the decades and generations. The younger you are now, the greater the penalty you will feel if we get a bad deal.

Time to vote!


Something has happened that I haven’t seen for a very long time. Our communities –Black and minority ethnic communities are not only talking politics- which we’ve always done- we are doing politics too. Grime artists, young intellectuals, activists, campaigners and many others have all shown an appetite to engage in this election, many for the very first time.

Get well soon Diane Abbott: You’re not alone


We all know that today’s politics is a ‘blood sport’; If you are faint hearted and or have thin skin, then don’t go into politics.

But what  Diane Abbott has been forced to endure, and not just in this election campaign but over many years, has gone way beyond the ‘punch and Judy’, hurly burly of British politics.

Crucial that we get the BME vote out


Why should people vote Conservative? I could follow the typical route of using the same narratives pushed out by the news and the so-call typical sound-bites, but I want to adopt a different approach.

It is clearly accepted from the outset, that politics, especially leading up to a General Election is never an easy ride. Not all will agree with the policies of either parties whether one leans to the right or to the left. One thing, which is without question, is that it is imperative that we, the BME community, should be part of the process.

An election to end all elections?


No, there are not too many elections. Elections are about the people exercise their right in a democracy and we must all endeavour to go out on June 8th and vote in this very interesting election.

Though billed as an election to determine who is the best candidate to lead Britain into the Brexit, none of the leaders have been able to explain to us what a soft or hard Brexit is about and we are none the wiser how it will affect us.

Tim Farron: A Britain where everyone is treated fairly


Liberal Democrats believe that every person is entitled to the same opportunity to succeed in life. That means breaking down the barriers that hold people back, fighting discrimination and defending individuals against an overreaching government. We strive for a country that is welcoming and open-minded. One that is optimistic, that rejects prejudice and embraces diversity.

Jeremy Corbyn: Why BAME voters should vote Labour


Of all the political parties, the Labour party has the longest and proudest history of tackling race inequality in the UK, and long may it continue. 

Political leaders make final plea to BME voters


The political leaders have responded to you!

The collective work of 20 BME organisations, which has included writing a race equality manifesto; undertaking research highlighting the power of the Black vote; and the voter registration campaign with OBV’s media partner, Saatchi & Saatchi, has ensured many more thousands have engaged and registered to vote, along with persuading political leaders to directly respond to BME issues.

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