Rokhsana Fiaz: Mayoral candidate could make history


If Rokhsana Fiaz were to become the Mayor for Newham, she would not only be the first female BME directly elected Mayor in the UK, but also, we think in Europe too .

Fiaz’s work, which spans over 20 years and includes covering local community projects, working with national NGO’s, and since 2014 serving as local councillor, place her in a good position to challenge Robin Wales who has served in that position since 2002.

Asian police officer promoted to top position


Neil Basu, a senior Metropolitan police officer of Indian origin has been promoted to be the Assistant Commissioner for Special Operations, and will take over responsibility for leading counter-terrorism policing.

Hijab-Wearing Shahira Yusuf Gets Modelling Contract


Storm management has just signed 20-year-old Shahira Yusuf, making her one of the first hijab-wearing models to grace Britain’s runway. A British born woman with a Somali background, Yusuf represents the change the fashion industry needed.

Announcing her entrance into the fashion world, the young model made headlines last year tweeting, "I ain't no Kendall Jenner but I'm a Black Muslim girl from east London that's about to finesse the modelling industry."

Vince Cable’s uncomfortable truths receive backlash


In a recent interview at his home , Vince Cable promised me he would confront some uncomfortable truths about his own party and society in general. Over the weekend he made good on those promises, and surprise, surprise received a strong backlash for this troubles.

2018 Oscars - still lack diversity


This year’s Oscars ceremony was full of moments calling for more inclusion and representation of non-white, non-male nominees and winners, but provided little in the representation of non-white winners. Especially after 2016’s #OscarsSoWhite campaign and last year’s Best Picture winner, Moonlight, there has been much hope building up about a more diverse group of Oscar winners.

Dame Casey demands English speaking U.K.


Ahead of the release of her Integrated Communities Strategy, Dame Louise Casey, during an interview with the BBC, has proposed that Britain should set a date by which every citizen should speak English. This comes less than two years after her 2016 report in which Casey propagates a slightly less divisive version of her social cohesion strategy, saying 'I did find this. Black boys still not getting jobs, white working class kids on free school meals still doing badly in our education system, Muslim girls getting good grades at school but no decent employment opportunities'.

London pay audit reveals deep race inequality


London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has released an action plan to address racial pay gaps among Greater London Authority employees. After conducting a trailblazing pay audit, the Mayor’s office has revealed that Black, Asian, and minority ethnic workers earn as much as 37% less than their white counterparts, on average.

International Women’s Day Welcomes Protests Worldwide


This year gave rise to revolutionary movements such as #MeToo and Time’s Up, bringing a feminist fight for progress to the sociopolitical forefront. In the past months, women have championed change by leading the world in a series of events, movements, and acts of resistance making 2018 the year of the women. The events of 2018 culminated in a sense of urgency awaiting International Women’s Day and across the globe Thursday welcomed hundreds of protests and uprisings demanding change.

TILN 2018: The next generation of international leaders


‘To understand exactly where I’m coming from , Simon’, Anina said with a sadness in her voice, ‘ you need to know, I strongly felt I was born in shame’. ‘We came from extreme poverty, at times my mother had to beg.  Not a life choice she chose, but like many Roma mothers she did whatever she needed to do to feed her children.’

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