Thurgood Marshall subject of new film


With Black History Month beginning here in the UK, a new film chronicling the early career of one of the most important African-Americans in US history, Marshall, offers viewers to witness the rise of the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall.

Now we must act to unleash a deluge of untapped talent


Operation Black Vote director Simon Woolley writes in The Times newspaper:

The findings from the race disparity unit present us with a real opportunity to dramatically confront and deal with persistent race inequality in the UK.

Race audit could result in new laws


OBV were featured in an article in The Times newspaper today. We reproduce this below:

Theresa May brushed aside criticism of her decision to publish data on racial divides in Britain yesterday and said she would consider legislation to stamp out discrimination by employers.

The prime minister said that the findings of the first race disparity audit were not “entirely bleak” and that there had been improvements in some areas.

Jon Daniel RIP


Design genius and activist Jon Daniel dies

There is an exhibition at Tate Modern that chronicles African American Civil Rights art. Paintings, posters, graffiti and slogans, all capturing the essence of Black struggle in the late 1960’s.

Muslim photoshopped to spread fear


Culture wars are a pyrrhic endeavour: they leave a sea of causalities and even the winners stand shallow having defind themselves as what they are not rather than who they are or might be. The clash of culture, race, and religion is a concerted effort that mobilizes entire segments of the population that would otherwise simply not care.

Racial Prejudice in Silicon Valley widens


Recent findings have found that people of colour are still widely marginalized and denied career opportunities in Silicon Valley over the past decade. The research from not-for-profit organisation Ascend Foundation examined official employment data between 2007 to 2015 and found that Black and Latino representation has declined in Silicon Valley, and while Asians are hired the most out of minorities, they are the least likely to be promoted.

Stop Muslim Baiting


Las Vegas, and the untold tragedy of guns


As the news unfolded about the deadly Las Vegas massacre of dozens of innocent people and the maiming of many hundreds, the first thought of African Americans and Muslims in General, living in the US, would have been, ‘we pray that the bloody assailant is not one of us’.

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