Jasper: “Government abandons commitment to deliver race equality”


In an explosive article Lee Jasper questions the Government´s comittment to race equality, arguing that if the present changes in a consultation go through local authorities and other public bodies will have less obligation to tackle race inequalities that persist.

Jasper argues that hard fought battles that were gained after the Stephen Lawrence inquiry will be rolled back.

We, of course, urge you to get involved in this important debate.

By Simon Woolley

Meeting Oona King


Alongside the Labour leadership election this September, Labour party members in London will be voting for their London mayoral candidate. The main contenders are Ken Livingstone - former two-term London mayor and Oona King - former MP for Bethnal Green & Bow.

A special event, chaired by Lambeth Councillor Florence Nosegbe, was held in Brixton last Wednesday where the public were given the opportunity to meet Oona King and hear why she was running for the candidacy. Former OBV alumni James Odoi writes about his experience of day.

Wyclef, no appeal on Haitian presidential candidacy


Acclaimed rapper and aspiring Haitian President Wyclef Jean will not be allowed to stand as a candidate in the Haitian elections, due to take place in November.

The decision is final and was made by the Haitian Electoral Council.

The Labour leadership race so far


With ballot papers due to arrive on party members’ doormats from September 1st, the five candidates of the Labour party leadership election have upped their game.

They have been darting about to communicate to Labour members – including 30,000 new joiners – their visions for the party and reasons why they should be its next leader. There are now just four weeks left until voting closes on September 22nd.

Who let the dogs out?


After Barack Obama’s historic election, there were significant voices on both sides of the Atlantic who talked about a post-racial world; a place in which the colour of one's skin, or the religion one practiced would no longer hold any negative connotations in this brave new world.

Black communites call for Russian World Cup bid to be opposed due to rampant racism


Russia 2018 World Cup bid was at the centre of a growing race controversy as the scale of racism and racist attacks in the former Soviet Union threatened to derail their bid to host the World Cup.

In May 2006 Amnesty International reported that racism in Russia was ‘”out of control”.

Climate change will hit Africa worst


The greatest human catastrophe that is climate change will hit the world's poorest continent, Africa, the worst, according to the African Development Forum.

The organisation of church leaders, that works to encourage a more substantial reaction among African and Caribbean Christians to climate change, will host a summit to equip delegates with the information needed to create eco-friendly congregations.

Nichole Black: Why I’m against Wyclef running for Haitian Presidency


Wyclef for President & my mother for Secretary of State!

Somali magistrates wanted by courts


Operation Black Vote has organised a free event to encourage more members of the Somali community to consider becoming magistrates.

OBV and the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), this year, celebrated the appointment of over sixty magistrates to courts across the UK . All the magistrates were encouraged to apply as a result of taking part in the Magistrate Shadowing Scheme.

Mayoral Debate: Who Runs Tower Hamlets?


Here are exclusive excerpts from the debate in October with the Tower Hamlets Mayoral candidates.

We have edited the debate to focus on the comments, opinion and agenda of the successful candidate Lutfur Rahman. Mr Rahman was elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets on 21st October 2010.

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