Tribute to rifleman Suraj Gurung


A British Asian man killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber has been paid tribute to by colleagues.

Suraj Gurung of the Royal Ghurkha Rifles received warm praise from commanding officer Major David Jones:

Cameron’s conference speech


Prime Minister Cameron today delivered his address to the Tory faithful marking the high point of the Conservative Party conference so far.

It was his first conference speech as Prime Minister.

The PM’s speech was an attempt to reinvigorate and galvanise party members, reassure the public about the forthcoming cuts, and hammer home the Big Society theme.

Brazil's election moves to second round of voting


The first round of the Brazilian Presidential election has proved inconclusive, moving into a second round of voting.

It was widely thought before the weekend that Dilma Rousseff would have secured the badly needed 50% of the popular vote and with it the Presidency.   Rousseff is the preferred candidate of the outgoing President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The Conservative Party Conference


The Tory Party Conference is underway in Birmingham and so far delegates have seen heard speeches from London mayor Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Prime Minister Cameron is yet to make his speech to the Conservative Party faithful.

The second day of the Conference has so far been dominated by discussion and debate over child benefit.  George Osborne is planning to cut child benefit for the highest earners.

Rio Ferdinand: less police will have a “massive impact”


Footballer Rio Ferdinand has always been known for his social commentary away from the football pitch.  Most recently his outspokenness over the problem of violent crime and gang culture among young people has led to concerned expressions over cuts to the Police budget.

Police trust damaged among Muslims


A large number of CCTV’s set up in Birmingham have damaged the relationship between residents and the Police a report has claimed.

Residents from the Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook districts in Birmingham are outraged at 218 new CCTV cameras set up in the areas.

The project which has cost approximately £3.5 million to implement has focused on areas with large Muslim communities.

Interview with the US President


Barack Obama is interviewed in this month’s Rolling Stone magazine.

Among the topics that are discussed the 44th President of the United States talks about the huge expectations that proved impossible to live up to upon his election, building cross party consensus to pass laws, and the momentum of the ‘Tea Party’ movement.

A candid Obama provides the reader with some interesting responses that are sure to provoke debate.

Black History Month


Guardian journalist Afiya Hirsch today published an article on the Guardian’s Comment is Free page.

In it she articulates the importance and relevance of celebrating Black history. She also puts to bed the often widely held views of so-called Liberals who toe the ‘What about white history?’ line. She counters this but also argues that we need to celebrate Black historical figures in the right way.

Umunna concerned cuts will affect poorer families


According to statistics obtained by Chuka Umunna MP for Streatham thousands of homes in Lambeth are likely to face substantial housing benefit cuts that could force many residents to move from the area.

Nearly five and a half thousand poorer households will see reductions in their housing benefit payments from 2013. The cuts outlined in the June budget to the Local Housing Allowance mean that housing benefit claimants will only be allowed to claim up to 30% of local rent levels.

More than 1,500 homes will be affected by the move.

Prospect, Goodhart and race


About six years ago, editor of Prospect magazine David Goodhart was given unprecedented column inches in the Guardian to talk about race in Britain. Although he was pilored from people such as Trevor Phillips, Gary Younge and myself for his thinly disguised racist views he did resonate to an extent  within political thinking of that time.  Goodhart himself, however, felt chastened by being vigorously challenged and, I would argue being exposed for what he was really trying to do: put the brakes on Government tackling race inequality.

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