Archbishop Desmond Tutu retires


Archbishop Desmond Tutu has officially announced his retirement from public life after many years of political activism and human rights work.

The decision comes as Mr Tutu celebrates his 79th birthday.

Tutu rose to prominence as a fierce anti-apartheid campaigner in the 1980’s, and made history by becoming the first Black South African Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town.

A bookshop MLK would have been proud of


New Beacon books is not your average bookshop.  It is situated a few doors down from my flat in Finsbury Park in the heart of cosmopolitan London.

Just passing by, looking in the window is enough to catch the eye of any activist concerned with Black empowerment and engagement.  The shop is quite literally littered with works of some of the most well known and prominent Black British, African, and European figures in history.

Black History Month seems an appropriate time to direct you here for what is a haven to any would be activist.

Use Pirate radio to catch criminals says Duwayne Brooks


Liberal Democrat Cllr Duwayne Brooks has called for Police to use pirate radio stations to help crack criminal cases.

The Lib Dem cllr who recently decided throw his hat into the ring and seek the Lib Dem ticket for the 2012 Mayoral election explained why he thought the London Police forces should introduce alternative measures:

Profile: Iain Duncan Smith


A video in yesterday’s Guardian told the story of the rise and fall…and rise of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

The light-hearted film highlights different points in Duncan Smith’s career with a running commentary from a range of contributors.

From entering Parliament and serving in John Major’s government, to his decision to step down as party leader, the film is an alternative look at the career of one of the most recognisable faces in the Conservative Party.

OBV ally Reverend Jesse Jackson visits UK


OBV ally Reverend Jesse Jackson will be visiting the UK and meeting with Black activists in two weeks time.

The most prominent veteran of the American civil rights movement has been to the UK on several occassions to speak at OBV rallies to encourage greater voter registration and wider political participation.

Ngugi wa Thiong’o odds on to win Nobel Prize for Literature


A Kenyan author has been tipped to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, having steadily risen from being an outside bet to the bookies favourite.

Ngugi wa Thiong’o is a social commentator, activist and professor at the University of California. His  seminal linguistics and post colonial text Decolonising the Mind is the most well known work in his catalogue , but he has also written for childrens literature.

Green: Web privacy should about manners


Immigration Minister, Damian Green has said that the government should not interfere with people invading the privacy of others online.

"We, as a society, need to work out what the rules of the game are. It could be down to good manners,"

Ultimately he said, it was down to the individual to decide whether or not they chose to publish private information online, and that the role played by the state should be minimal.

Tory and Lucas join forces on electoral reform


An unlikely political marriage has seen Green MP Caroline Lucas and Tory MP Douglas Carswell team up to push for proportional representation to become a choice for voters at next May’s electoral reform referendum.

As it stands the only choice for voters other than the current first past the post system would be the Alternative Vote. Lucas and Carswell argue that proportional representation must be an option for voters too.

Commonwealth games


The opening event in the  Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Sunday was an indomitable showcase of Indian talent, technology and culture with over 6000 performers.  This is the most expensive Commonwealth Games to date costing nearly $6 billion.

Home Secretary bans EDL march


The fascist English Defence League’s (EDL) proposed march that was due to take place in Leicester has been banned by Home secretary, Theresa May.

The march was due to take place on Saturday.

A planned march in Bradford last August was also halted by the Home Office in a clear signal that while the government respects the right for individuals and groups to protest peacefully racial hate mongering and violence will not be tolerated.

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