Boris Johnson to fight for London's poor


In a battle that could be at odds with his own Government London Mayor Boris Johnson has said he will fight against ‘Kosovo style cleansing’ in the capital that could be caused by the Coalition Government’s proposed changes to housing benefit.

Under the proposed scheme, families living on housing benefit in and around central London would be forced to move to cheaper areas. 

Black Progress A Mixed Bag In The UK


Great Britain is celebrating its Black History Month against a backdrop of racial tension.

"I've never known it so tough … It's bad right now" says Simon Woolley, 48, who is a member of Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Tower Hamlets: New Mayor, huge task


I would like to congratulate Mr Lutfur Rahman on his victory. He has huge task ahead of him. He needs to create a cross party cabinet and bring together experts and advisors who would work to deliver an inclusive, prosperous and vibrant Tower Hamlets.

I would suggest to Mr Rahman, the first directly elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets to make a five point plan to make Tower Hamlets a place that locals would feel proud to work and live.

Here is my suggested five-point plan:  

Government u-turn on private firm deportations


The chair of the Commons home affairs select committee, Keith Vaz has reported that he has ‘huge concerns’ over the government’s indecision to implement firm policy guidelines to stop private firms using 'forceful' restraint against deportees.

The Home Office had apparently banned private security firms from forcibly putting detainees onto commercial flights and then lifted the ban 10 days later.

Deaths in custody: March on Downing Street


A Remembrance march to call the government’s attention to the increasing numbers of deaths in custody will take place this Saturday.

The March organised by the United Friends and Family Campaign (UFFC) will start at Trafalgar Square in a silent procession along Whitehall to Downing Street.

The rise of Baroness Floella Benjamin


The former children TV presenter and new Liberal Democrat Peer has given a revealing insight into her growing up and the challenges she faced.

Speaking to the Independent newspaper she details the racism she suffered growing up in Beckenham, South East of England, she said:

Robert Fisk: Let the truth speak


Uncovering and reporting on death, destruction, and unspeakable atrocities must be about as harrowing as any job gets. We can never imagine the bravery needed in going unarmed into a war zone where some combatants from either side would rather kill you than talk to you.

One man almost stands alone in his endeavour to bring to the world those uncomfortable truths that great powers across the globe seek to hide:  The Independent’s Robert Fisk.

Black Mental Health UK: Care Quality Commission report


Human rights campaigns group Black Mental Health UK has welcomed the  Care Quality Commission’s  (CQC) first annual report on the use of the Mental Health Act , which has highlighted human rights concerns in the treatment of detained patients.

This new report entitled ‘Monitoring the use of the Mental Health Act 2009/10’ has shed light on practices which are likely to violate human rights law.

Muslim area 'spy cameras' to be removed


200 cameras controversial ‘spy cameras’ put up in Muslim populated areas of Birmingham must be removed, West Midlands chief constable of Police told a Police Authority meeting.

The Police Authority heard from a report which found that there were no justifiable reasons for the decision by police to have put up the cameras.

Andy Slaughter MP, Ken Livingstone back anti - EDL demo


Anti racist group United Against Fascism (UAF) are holding a march on November 6 in London in which they hope will bring together the widest possible alliance against the English Defence League and their political wing the British National Party.

Two Members of Parliament have added their support to the demo by adding their names to the statement backing the demo, which is called by UAF and backed by the TUC, the Muslim Council of Britain and a range of trade union leaders, faith and community groups.

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