Jimmy Mubenga: MPs call for inquiry


MPs have called for an inquiry into the death of an Angolan deportee who died while being restrained by security guards on an outbound flight from Heathrow.

Last week, an eyewitness told the Guardian newspaper that Jimmy Mubenga called out to fellow passengers for help before he died. 

Mr Mubenga was being escorted out of Britain on a commercial British Airways flight to Angola by guards working for G4S – a private security firm, currently contracted by the Home Office to handle deportees.

UK Youth Parliament: future leaders


I spent some of my Saturday afternoon at the House of Commons delivering a training workshop of public speaking to members of the National Youth Parliament UK.

About 16 individuals from around the UK were preparing for their big day on the 29th October when they will be given the prestigious House of Commons debating chamber to discuss issues such as war, poverty, transport and the environment.

Race equality is not a fringe issue


In an article for OBV News magazine prominent party members and commentators explore the role of BME MPs and their accountability to minority groups.

Should they unite to fight on race issues, and should they form a British equivalent of the US Congressional Black Caucus?

In response to OBV News Sadiq Khan MP says our twenty seven minority ethic MPs should take a frontbench approach to race equality.

Sadiq Khan MP, said: 

Jesse Jackson speaks against racial profiling


OBV friend Rev Jesse Jackson in an article in yesterday’s Guardian Comment is Free, spoke of the continued abuse of stop and search powers by Police, still overwhelmingly plaguing Black individuals and communities.

Jackson also said that Britain’s moral authority risked being damaged as a result.

Delhi Games: Impact and legacy


As the dust settles Lord Dholakia asses the impact and legacy of the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

The Indian table tennis player, Kamal Achanta, has said that the 2010 Commonwealth Games will leave a huge sporting legacy for all of India’s inhabitants.  He is absolutely right.  But it is not just a sporting legacy; there will be a social and cultural legacy as well.

No, not again: Jimmy Mubenga deportation death


After what Black Britain saw as the unlawful death of Jamaican woman, Joy Gardner, in 1993, at the hands of immigration officers who bound and gagged her in their bid to deport her, we thought we would never be here again.

And yet the as news leaks out from eye witness reports, we are again horrified to learn of the circumstances leading up to the death of Angolan asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga, who died on a plane after being restrained by three private immigration officers.

Cartoon Corner: EHRC report How Fair is Britain?


Cartoonist Tim takes a look at the recent EHRC report.

EHRC report: how fair is Britain?


This is the question posed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, in its 700-page anatomy of disadvantage in the 21st century. With the spending review little over a week away, the report couldn’t be more timely.

National Black Police Association


More than 150 National Black Police Association delegates will spend the next two days in Sheffield for their annual conference.

Representing the Equality and Human Rights Commission I was invited to give a short address in this morning's session.

Future of university education report


Lord Browne's report (PDF) into the future of university education reports today. With yesterday's CEHR report identifying that eight per cent of Black students are at Russell Group institutions, compared to 24 per cent of White students today's finding will only increase interest in the disparity in opportunities between students from different backgrounds.

The following are some of the recommendations:

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