Sulley Muntari: Standing for his Rights



The Ghanaian footballer Sulley Muntari has said that he believes football bodies like Fifa and Uefa are ‘not taking racism seriously.’

Macron beats race hatred Le Pen


Much of Europe breathed a collective sigh of relief at the news that Emmanuel Macron decisively beat the Far Right nationalist Marine Le Pen. As the results came in that Macron received 66% percent of the votes to Le Pen’s 34%, Macron supporters were jubilant on the streets of Paris and beyond.

OBV alumni Tan Dhesi could make history


OBV alumni Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi could make history on June 8th. If elected to the relatively safe seat of Slough he could become the only Sikh MP in Parliament. He won’t the first, Marsha Singh had that honour followed by Parmjit Dhanda.

For OBV it would be a particular honour, not least because the organisation has had a seven year relationship with Tan in his journey to be a main stream politician and serve his country.

Four new BME faces for Parliament?


With the final selections being undertaken by the political parties OBV has been made aware of at least four new BME Candidates who could find their way to being Members of Parliament after June 8th.

Last night, the Conservatives selected Kemi Badenoch to fight one of safest Conservatives seats in the country - Saffron Walden - which marks a meteoric rise for Kemi, who recently became an London Assembly member. The Conservatives will also see this as a statement of intent, throwing down the gauntlet to the Labour party on race and diversity.

Katie Hopkins must be prosecuted for racial hatred


Today’s tweet by Katie Hopkins promoting hate-filled stereotypes against black people shames her. She should be prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred and sacked by her media employers. If there is no action then we call on the public and advertising companies to boycott media who offer her a platform.

Working class Black mum makes NUS history


Last week Shakira Martin made British history when she become the first female NUS leader from a Caribbean background.

This year’s annual National Union of Students national conference has elected 29-year-old single mother as president.

Martin won some 56% of the 1,200 delegates at the NUS. The new president pushed the standing president into second place winning by 402 votes to 272.

Bristol: Countering Colston


The name ‘Colston’ is synonymous with Bristol. There is a Colston Street, a Colston Tower, and a Colston’s girls’ school, all named after Edward Colston, the 17th century slave trader. Colston gave huge amounts of money to Bristol, helping to build the city into what it is today. However, his role as a prominent slave trader has been a source of contention amongst citizens in Bristol, many of whom have called for every trace of Colston to be wiped from the city.

A diverse Parliament matters -2017 Election


Though many of us agreed with Brenda from Bristol about this general election (“You’re joking. Not another one”), it actually offers a great opportunity for change – regardless of which party wins.

That’s because now the snap election has been called, the normal rules for selecting party candidates no longer apply. Under these rules, constituency parties select a long list of candidates, then a short list; then local party members vote for their preferred candidate.

Thames Valley police don’t understand racism


What workplace, in particular a senior workforce, does not understand that putting a monkey doll on the only Black worker’s desk to indicate that she should make tea for her colleagues is racist?

Well, a specially convened panel for Thames Valley police didn’t think so.

A Thames Valley disciplinary panel concluded that a counter-terrorism officer was not being racist when he put a monkey toy on a black colleague's desk.

James Reece Europe, founder of Jazz and leader of men


Little is known in this country of James Reese Europe who died almost 100 years ago. Yet the world would be significantly different without his contribution to modern music, for it is fair to say he ensured that African American music was taken seriously as an art form specific to the experiences of Black Americans, a huge achievement at the height of the Jim Crow discrimination in the US. And without the influence of jazz, the blues and soul, modern music would have far less energy and rhythmic complexity.

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