Sikh cab driver attacked as Muslim


Figures published this week showed that hate crimes has risen in Britain this year by over 12%, coinciding with a drop in reported race-related incidents of about 1.4%.

In the USA Islamaphobia has resulted in increased anti-Muslim sentiments and attacks - the most recent victim is Sikh Cab Driver Harbhajan Singh.

Pupil Premium could bring penalty


Ministers were warned today that cash designed to help the poorest pupils could end up failing the youngsters it is meant to help.

The Government is planning to introduce a new "pupil premium" to boost the achievement of disadvantaged children.

But an analysis of the proposals has concluded that one of the methods being considered to calculate the premium could end up penalising the poorest youngsters in the poorest communities.

African women sports writers coached


Up to 100 African women sports reporters from 21 countries have begun receiving journalism training in a programme sponsored by FIFA.

The women who are all members of the African Women Sports Reporters Union will be tutored by Journalists from AFP Foundation, set up by the international news agency AFP, in English, French, Arabic, Spanish or Portuguese.

The courses kicked off last week in Dakar and  Nairobi and they will continue until spring 2011; finishing before the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany in June.

South African novelist: ‘I don't like black people’


An award winning South African author has sparked controversy and heated debate after saying she doesn’t like Black people.

Annellie Botes (pictured), a leading novelist, was asked by an Afrikaans newspaper to name people she does not like and replied saying “Black people.” She was sacked from another newspaper where she was a columnist soon after her racial slur came to light.

Gamu: Home Office to reconsider


Gamu Nhengu and her family have been given a lifeline by the Home Office. They are allowed to stay in the UK while the Home Office reconsiders their case.

The family who lives in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, Scotland attended an immigration tribunal in Glasgow to appeal against moves to return them to Zimbabwe.

At he hearing last week a Home Office representative said the case would be reconsidered and a "fresh decision will be made in due course".

The Mangrove Nine:


Those who knew activist Darcus Howe forty years ago will have wondered why this brilliant young man never went on to much greater things: Edit a national newspaper; controller of Radio 4, or be revered in cultural and intellectual spheres such as his peers Lord Melvyn Bragg. In his usual dismissive way Howe might say well Bragg is not Black.

Forty years ago Darcus Howe, Frank Crichlow and seven others took on the two of the mightiest institutions in Britain: The Government and the police, including special branch and MI6. And won.

Yasmin don’t pander to bigots


I am deeply sorry that my good friend Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has sought to pander to the Far Right by racialising the predatory acts of a group of Asian men.

Hate crimes rise


More than 50,000 hate crimes were reported across England, Wales and Northern Ireland last year, of these, more than 43,000 were race-related crimes, figures showed today.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) said the figures, published for the first time today, showed a more than 12% rise in hate crimes from 46,300 in 2008.

Devonand Cornwall Chief Constable Stephen Otter, the Acpo lead for equality, diversity and human rights, said he hoped publishing the figures would "encourage victims and witnesses to come forward".

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