OBV project: Who runs my city?


The governance of our local authority and city has become increasingly complex: Where does power lie? Who, at a local level has responsibility for our education, litter or indeed for representing our views and concerns on the Council? How can ordinary residents effectively interact with and influence the kaleidoscope of public bodies and institutions that make decisions over our daily lives?

Multiculturalism is under fire yet again


Over the weekend The Observer journalist Anushka Asthana attempted to have a reasoned discussion about the much maligned term Multiculturalism.

English Defence League members list stolen by hackers


A far Right anti Muslim group has had its membership list stolen by computer hackers. Members of a far-right organisation have been told to remain alert after hackers stole a database containing names and addresses from an online store.

The security breach began last weekend, when a clothing website linked to the organisation was accessed by hackers. The attackers, who claimed to be part of a group called the "Mujahideen Hacking Unit", obtained lists of those who had recently bought items from the site or donated money to the group.

Top Think-Tank challenges minister over stop & search


Changes to police stop and search procedures would save only minutes and not hours of police time, a think tank argued today alleging inaccuracies in a recent speech by a government minister.

Police minister Nick Herbert recently announced that the police would save more than 300,000 hours if they reduced the time spent on the stop and search form by cutting some of the required information.

Berry: 'Hollywood fears black movies'


Oscar winner and Hollywood film star Halle Berry has claimed that the film industry still has problems casting black actors.

Speaking at a special screening of her new film ‘Frankie and Alice’, Belly said she had experienced reticence amongst film produces when casting her for certain roles as they believed her skin colour would change the tone of the project.

BBC launch new diversity drive


The BBC is spearheading a new initiative to raise the numbers of Black and minority ethnic (BME) people across four areas including high profile channels such as Radio 1.

The BBC participates in the Cultural Diversity Network (CDN) which seeks to change broadcasting by more accurately reflecting our multicultural society. In line with this initiative Audio & Music division are offering work experience in different departments. They are actively encouraging people from BME communities to apply:

BNP forced to change their racist constitution


The BNP today narrowly escaped contempt of court by removing the clauses in their constitution that were deemed discriminatory. The far right party had thought they could say one thing and do another but the courts ruled otherwise.

It has been a long battle to force the BNP to comply and this ruling will not be greeted well by some of its supporters who fear that Black people will join and challenge its racism from within.

Are Conservatives fully supporting their Oldham candidate?


Is the lack of Conservative support for Oldham candidate Kashif Ali (picured above) a ploy to ensure a Liberal Democrat victory? That’s the question being asked by Tory supporters as they point to the lukewarm endorsement of Ali in the upcoming January 13 by election.

Black Britain under-represented in Civil Service


New figures have revealed that black applicants to Britain’s Civil Service fast track scheme are the least likely to succeed.

According to a report in the Independent newspaper, black applicants have less than a one in a 100 chance of being recruited.

Last year the Civil Service took on less than five black people to its "fast stream" recruitment scheme out of over 450 black-African applicants. In contrast, white applicants had a 1 in 20 chance of being accepted into the scheme – a success rate four times higher.

Cartoon Corner: Terry Jones


Cartoonist Tim Sanders take a look at the invitation to Terry Jones.

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