International Human Rights Day


My Colleague on the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Geraldine Van Bueren has written why we celebrate this day and why the Commission has focused to highlight those advocates who seek to defend the Rights of workers in the public and voluntary sector, and in the community.

When we think of icons of international Human Rights individuals such as Dr Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, or the Burmese campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi come to mind.

Cartoon Corner: Oxford Christmas wish?


Could you be Lewisham’s future leaders?


Operation Black Vote and Lewisham Council have teamed up again to offer a unique programme to address the deficit of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in civic and political life.

The representation of BME individuals at every level of public life is woefully low, from the House of Commons to the highest tiers of Judicial Office. In Lewisham, 34% of the borough is from a Black and Minority Ethnic background and yet only 8 of the 54 councillors are BME.

Tyler Perry's ‘For Coloured Girls’


That’s the question that will undoubtedly be asked following the release of the film in the UK today (10th December).

Perry’s movie is based on the poem ‘For coloured girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf’ by Ntozake Shange and features a stellar cast of black actors including Janet Jackson, Phylicia Rashad, Loretta Devine, Whoopi Goldberg and British actor Thandie Newton.

US: compensation lawsuits used to battle racism


Some mainstream European politicians have been agonising recently about the growth of racist far right parties, which are currently propping up, or part of centre-right coalitions in Europe's most liberal countries, Holland and Denmark, and which have recently been part of right wing coalitions in more conservative countries like Italy and Austria.

Revealed: UN & US plot to oust Zimbabwe leader


Diplomatic cables leaked by the whistle blowing website Wikileaks have confirmed that western leaders were supportive of a plot to oust Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

The leak lends credence to Mugabe’s allegations that there was a plot to remove him supported by Western leaders.

According to classified US documents, a coup in the southern African country would have been supported by the UN secretary general.

Pizza Hut forced to apologise to footballers


There are growing calls for a national boycott of Pizza Hut following an alleged racist incident involving black players of AFC Bournemouth.

The incident was first revealed on Thursday 2nd December, after Liam Feeney posted details on his Facebook page.

Six AFC Bournemouth players visited the Castle Lane West Pizza Hut last week after training was cancelled due to the weather. They were asked to pay in advance of receiving their meal and when asked the reason why, they were informed it was due to "the way you look".

Defining Hate Crime and Racist Incidents


Richard Alleyne, Executive Member of the National Black Police Association, writes exclusively for OBV about policing and the definitions of what a hate crime and racist incident are.

Lest we forget


Today’s Guardian article about BME housing associations demonstrates two key factors:

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