Britain has changed and you changed it.


This morning we wake up in a new country. A country that feels somehow different as a result of a new and profound shift in the political tectonic plates of the UK terra firma.

No doubt, by lunchtime today, I expect Prime Minister Theresa May to have resigned. She has failed to secure her mandate for a "hard Brexit" and as a result the vengeful Tory leadership is sharpening its knives ready for a very long night.

Failing that she will try and form a weak coalition with the racist and extreme right wing DUP .

Stunning rise in BME MPs


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Stunning rise in BME MPs to Westminster

Another one of the unexpected results of this election has seen a remarkable rise in BME MP’s in Westminster with 11 new BME MP’s and only one loss, taking the number now to 52 BME MP’s.

But the numbers don’t tell half of the story about what has occurred in this election.

Urgent Statement in Support of Diane Abbott MP


Thursday 8th June 2017

We deplore the racism, misogyny and hatred suffered by Diane Abbott MP during this election campaign. This barrage of hate has exacerbated her ill-health and stress, that comes as a direct result of the MSM hate campaign, and bias media coverage that we’ve seen emerge, on almost every occasion Diane makes a public appearance or a statement.

OBV Alumni Profile: Marsha de Cordova and Shade Adoh


In this year's general election, we are witnessing the highest proportion of female Parliamentary Candidates the UK has ever seen. Of these candidates, two are graduates from OBV's BME Women's Councillor Scheme, and are hoping to win over their constituents and make a difference as MP's.

Lee Jasper: Why I support Corbyn


As the election rumbles on, the excitement builds as a man thought to have Buckley’s chance of entering No 10 defies all expectations.

Jeremy Corbyn representing a Socialist party and written off by all, as a hopeless wreck, has come to inspire people, with his plain language and moderate policies whose main political aspiration is to simply reduce economic and social inequality, by delivering fairness, industry and social injustice in the UK.

The Conservatives and Brexit


Brexit is now going to be at the forefront of all decisions and we need a pragmatic, strong leader who has a proven track record.

There was strong feeling on both sides of the Brexit argument; we now must approach Brexit with a collegiate manner and will have the freedom to set our own policies and vision with the UK at the heart of an outward looking global network. We need to get the best possible deal and I am confident that with Theresa May at the helm we do just that and we will make a success of this new chapter.

Why vote Lib Dem?


There’s one reason why you should vote Liberal Democrat this Thursday – your children. The impact of Brexit will be felt over the decades and generations. The younger you are now, the greater the penalty you will feel if we get a bad deal.

Time to vote!


Something has happened that I haven’t seen for a very long time. Our communities –Black and minority ethnic communities are not only talking politics- which we’ve always done- we are doing politics too. Grime artists, young intellectuals, activists, campaigners and many others have all shown an appetite to engage in this election, many for the very first time.

Get well soon Diane Abbott: You’re not alone


We all know that today’s politics is a ‘blood sport’; If you are faint hearted and or have thin skin, then don’t go into politics.

But what  Diane Abbott has been forced to endure, and not just in this election campaign but over many years, has gone way beyond the ‘punch and Judy’, hurly burly of British politics.

Crucial that we get the BME vote out


Why should people vote Conservative? I could follow the typical route of using the same narratives pushed out by the news and the so-call typical sound-bites, but I want to adopt a different approach.

It is clearly accepted from the outset, that politics, especially leading up to a General Election is never an easy ride. Not all will agree with the policies of either parties whether one leans to the right or to the left. One thing, which is without question, is that it is imperative that we, the BME community, should be part of the process.

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