Emma Watson confronts white privilege


This week the Guardian writer and author Lola Okolosie wrote a brilliant piece praising the actions of actress Emma Watson for highlighting the privilege she is bestowed for being white, and reminding all feminist that true feminism comes in all colours.

Talking S**t Hole


Trump called out as a 'liar' and 'racist'


Donald Trump was exposed as a liar and a racist after a senator came forward as a witness to declare that the American president did indeed say that Haiti and African countries were “shithole countries.”

Trump had taken to Twitter to flatly deny that he said “anything derogatory”, although a White House spokesman later did not deny it, and even appeared to support the highly offensive remarks.

OBV alumni Helen Grant promoted in reshuffle


OBV alumni Helen Grant was among the most eye-catching appointments in Theresa May’s new year reshuffle.

Helen was made vice-chair for communities in the Conservative Party, a title she shares with Rehman Chishti. Their brief will cover the race and diversity agenda.

The ministerial shake-up was badged as an opportunity to bring in more ethnic minorities and women into government, and it didn’t disappoint.

H&M ‘Coolest monkey in the jungle’ disgusting ad


Any advertising campaign that puts a Black child in a hooded top with the writing ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’, as the fashion giant H&M have done, demonstrates either absolute contempt for its Black customers andor why we desperately need greater Black leadership in UK’s big businesses.

Did no one at a senior level at H&M or their advertising agency say, ‘actually calling a Black kid a monkey, even if it's  the coolest monkey is really not cool, its racist!'

Rayner shamefully pits race equality against white working class kids



The white working class must not be set against their Black neighbours

'White working class boys left behind because of "negative impact" of focus on ethnic minorities and women, Labour's Angela Rayner', ran a newspaper headline today.

Erica Garner – a young warrior gone too soon


The death of Black Lives Matter activist Erica Garner, aged just 27, is heartbreaking.

Her heart was broken when her father, Eric Garner, died after a policeman held him in a chokehold in 2014.

It helped sparked a movement, Black Lives Matter, and gave rise to the slogan “I can’t breathe”, which were Garner’s last words.

Erica spoke about the severe stress caused by her father’s death and the lack of justice.

A tribute to A.Sivanandan


OBV Director Simon Woolley pays tribute to A.Sivanandan

Myself, and everyone at Operation Black Vote, are greatly saddened to learn of the death of A.Sivanandan.

Ambalavaner Sivanandan was a giant of Black intellectual thinking, and his writings are an inspiration to generations of activists and academics alike.

He led the Institute for Race Relations with distinction for almost three decades, and his Race & Class journal was essential reading for those engaged in the struggle for equality.

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