Civilization threat: “With Somebody Else’s Babies”


US House Rep, Steven King, pictured here with the anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders, recently made disparaging comments suggesting that ethnic minorities were a threat to Western Civilization.

Millions Celebrate World Women’s Day



Millions of people across the world are celebrating the phenomenon that has become International Women’s Day.

International Women's Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women's Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. It commemorates the movement for women's rights. The earliest Women's Day observance was held on February 28, 1909, in New York and organized by the Socialist Party of America.

Ben Carson: ‘Immigration is like Slavery’


Talia Robinson has recently started an internship with OBV. Having just finished studying History at Bristol university - with a first - Talia is helping out with research, campaigning, and writing. Here is her first news piece about Ben Carson’s major speech in his new political role as US Secretary for Housing.

Civil Rights Leader Marc Morial Visits London



By Loren J Williams

Loren J Williams is one of our newest interns from New York University. She will be helping with our campaign and research work. A few weeks ago she attended a high profile event that the US Embassy. Here she is giving her thoughts about the event . We wish her a great stay in London and a positive experience with OBV.

Simon Woolley

RAF man urges people to kill Black people


A senior RAF service man, Micheal Sanders took to Facebook and urged white people to join the military so you can ‘kill - Black people - who he referred to as ‘Black c...ts’ - without going to prison.

Perhaps equally shocking was the thousands of 'likes' his post got at the murderous rallying call.

Fortunately, a Black colleague saw the post, reported him and refused to work with such a person, rightly arguing that he couldn’t trust him.

Major Neil Keery, prosecuting, said:

Black Groups Losing Faith in EHRC



A number of leading BME organisations and individuals including LORD Herman Ouesley and OBV having written an open letter to the Equality and Human Rights Commission raising deep concerns over recent redundancies and the state of BME representation at a senior. Here is that letter on full:

Riz Ahmed: We’re better being inclusive


Channel 4 invited OBv as it held the annual Diversity Lecture to discuss progress on its 360 Diversity Charter. The panel invited British-Muslim actor, Riz Ahmed, to speak on his take on the importance of representation in the entertainment industry. Ahmed warned that there were three things at stake if we fail to properly represent all people: our national identity, the loss of marginalized groups to extremism, and a missed opportunity on economic benefits from a “multi-cultural goldmine.”

Campaign Bootcamp needs you!


There's currently a great opportunity to learn the cut and thrust of social and political campaigning and organising from leaders and experts in their fields - people that have talked the talk, and walked the walk!

If you're fired up about creating positive change and want to learn how to run thoughtful and powerful campaigns, then Campaign Bootcamp is for you. Bootcamp starts with a week-long residential training, which is followed by a year of mentoring, further training and community support.

Moonlight’s Shocking Oscar Triumph



Dear friends of OBV this is Teshura Adams first article for OBV. She is a intern and a Boston University undergraduate studying international relationship and politics. She will be doing a wide range of work with us including writing, campaigning and research. This is very insightful article, which goes way beyond the hyperbole of Oscar night. Well done Teshura.

Simon Woolley

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