Pension freeze for minorities who retire abroad


People who retire to countries such as India, Pakistan, Trinidad &Tobago, Grenada, Nigeria and Kenya are not entitled to their full pension payout, unlike those retiring and staying in the UK and Europe.

People from Black and minority ethnic (BME) background who retire to certain countries will have their state pension frozen for the duration of their retirement and this will have a detrimental effect on future of BME finances according to a report by equality think tank Runnymede Trust.

Racial profiling: UK policing is wrong and racist


If anyone was in any doubt that even after 25 years have passed since the death of Stephen Lawrence when the Met police were accused of being institutionally racist, nothing much has changed,  then take a look at this video in which the police racially profiled two innocent young brothers Liam and Dijon Joseph.

Stephen Lawrence Day - 22nd April - Official


The Prime Minister Theresa May today announced at the Stephen Lawrence 25th anniversary memorial at St Martin’s in the field that 22nd of April would be marked officially by the UK.

In a statement, Stephen’s mother, Doreen Lawrence, welcomed the announcement.

“I feel honoured she has recognised the changes that have been made in Stephen’s name and the changes that are still needed.”

She added Stephen Lawrence Day would be:

Windrush generation to be given British citizenship


The Home Secretary Amber Rudd has in effect called time on the draconian immigration hounding of the Windrush generation; many have undergone nightmarish bureaucracy to remain in the UK.

The news of British Caribbean citizens who had given so much and have been treated so badly has beenrightly described as a national shame.

Amber Rudd has now both apologised and announced compensation to this group. It is a breath-taking climb-down from a policy that called so much grief.

St George: A symbol of universal values not racism


Like racism itself the Far Right nationalist groups who adopted St George as their symbol of xenophobia towards practically anyone who isn’t their narrow brand of English, doesn’t stand up to the most basic logic.

Trans and Hijra Empowerment Festival hosted in India


Earlier this month, the third annual Trans and Hijra Empowerment Mela was held in Mumbai, India. The Mela (festival) was hosted by non-profit organization Anam Prem to empower the trans community and to encourage ‘dignified’ modes of income for trans people.

Rene Eddo-Lodge: Bridging the Black generational political divide


In the planning meeting for the 2017 General Election, Operation Black Vote sat down with our advertising agency partners, Saatchi and Saatchi to plan a campaign that would ensure the Black vote- Black and minority ethnic vote- would be a central player that the main stream political parties could not ignore.

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