Emma Watson confronts white privilege

This week the Guardian writer and author Lola Okolosie wrote a brilliant piece praising the actions of actress Emma Watson for highlighting the privilege she is bestowed for being white, and reminding all feminist that true feminism comes in all colou...

Trump called out as a 'liar' and 'racist'

Donald Trump was exposed as a liar and a racist after a senator came forward as a witness to declare that the American president did indeed say that Haiti and African countries were “shithole countries.” Trump had taken to Twitter to flat...

H&M ‘Coolest monkey in the jungle’ disgusting ad

Any advertising campaign that puts a Black child in a hooded top with the writing ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’, as the fashion giant H&M have done, demonstrates either absolute contempt for its Black customers andor why we desperatel...

Rayner's wrong class/race link